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Ashraf Ghani-US differences arose for Afghan reconciliation, America red-faced

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Ashraf Ghani-US differences

Ashraf Ghani-US differences

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani knows that if an agreement with the Taliban of the United States is agreed between the power-sharing and the supply of arms, then both of them will prove to be dangerous for the Afghan nation. Right now, Ashraf Ghani has compelled America to not to get what it wants from the region. Ashraf Ghani also wants to be a stakeholder in the peace talks with the Taliban. This is quite unlikely that Zalmay Khalilzad will be able to succeed in any peace talks by sitting in the capital of Doha in Qatar and by keeping the Afghan government apart. Khalilzad meets Mullah Baradar for Afghan peace talks in Qatar recently. Zalmay Khalilzad peace talks are in not successful to give results as of now. Afghan peace talks timeline is blank but no result. September this year, Afghanistan has set to go for elections for Loya Jirga (National Assembly). There are four demands for peace from the Afghan Taliban. The first will speak directly to the United States, the international forces will have to leave Afghanistan, an interim government will be constituted, and there will be changes in the constitution of Afghanistan according to them. Obviously, this demand is not just in the good of the Taliban. Ashraf Gani thinks that there are three demands for US regional geopolitical gain and one in favour of a Taliban. In such a situation, Ashraf Ghani does not want himself to be successful before the presidential election, that the peace talks are successful. The biggest reason for Ashraf Gani’s annoyance is that the Taliban wants to talk directly to the US and if America is willing to do so, then it is a matter of shame for the elected government. The Afghan peace process has not a development that’s why Zalmay Khalilzad twitter is also silent on the progress.

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