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#BanZakirNaik George Bush did 9/11, Bin Laden neither a terrorist nor a saint : Zakir Naik

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Ban zakir naik

Ban zakir naik

His statement was part of a larger speech that he made in 1998, where he said, “If he [Bin Laden] is fighting enemies of Islam, I am for him… If he is terrorising the terrorist, if he is terrorising America — the biggest terrorist — I am with him.”
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He clarified this statement, which is often used against him, in his interview with Namrata Biji Ahuja. “I don’t call him a terrorist and neither do I call him a saint. I do not know,” he says. Citing the Quranic verse Surah Al Hujurat (49:6), which calls for believers to investigate claims made against another, Zakir highlights the importance of personally fact-checking claims made by the media. As he asks, “Is it a must that to go to paradise, you have to put the blame on Bin Laden?”
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Zakir clarified to THE WEEK that he has since stopped using the controversial line, “All Muslims should be terrorists,” in his speeches — because he feels it was misinterpreted. He says he is ready to change and is open to criticism, insisting that “not one person” went down the wrong path by listening to him.

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