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#BanZakirNaik George Bush did 9/11, Bin Laden neither a terrorist nor a saint : Zakir Naik

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Ban zakir naik

Ban zakir naik

Zakir had initially taken a similar approach to ISIS, with regards to media reports of the group. “To tell you frankly, I don’t believe everything that the media says,” he says. However, he feels ISIS is better described as the “anti-Islamic State” and is critical of their activities.
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He feels it is important to do one’s research first before labelling someone as a terrorist. “I know I am innocent and know that all these people allowed themselves to be misguided by the media and will be held responsible on the day of judgement. This is the only reason I do not call anyone a terrorist unless I have personally done research on him and am satisfied with it. Just because I abstain from calling a person a terrorist does not mean that I am supporting him or disagree that he is a terrorist. I only say I do not know. Similarly, if someone has proof that he is a terrorist I will not force him to say Bin Laden is not a terrorist. Then why are these people forcing me to say something on which I have not done my research.”

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