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Ramadan work ethic: British Muslim police and doctors juggle fasting and emergencies

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British Muslim police and doctors Ramadan work ethic

British Muslim police and doctors Ramadan work ethic

The Islamic lunar calendar means that the start date of Ramadan moves forward by just under two weeks every year versus the Gregorian calendar. In countries near or on the Equator, such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Indonesia, Muslims see relatively little change to the daylight hours during which they must fast. But in countries further away like the UK, the fast can last for more than 18 hours when Ramadan enters June, as it does this year.
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“It doesn’t stop me because Ramadan teaches you to be tolerant and patient,” says PC Amireddy. “It’s only temporary, and the reason to fast is to gain reward from Allah. I keep that in my mind. It’s about educating others, because they’d ask ‘why are you starving?’.”
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Her colleague Arfan Rahouf works in the rural crimes unit, in which emergency calls can include agricultural and plant theft. “During the first week I personally do not like to drive when responding to an emergency call, and after this I look at how I am feeling on a daily basis,” he says.

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