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Ramadan work ethic: British Muslim police and doctors juggle fasting and emergencies

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British Muslim police and doctors Ramadan work ethic

British Muslim police and doctors Ramadan work ethic

Although they work at opposite ends of the UK, PC Ishaq and PC Amireddy both say the support provided by their respective forces has been vital to ensuring they do the best they can while on duty. Muslim officers are given flexibility to attend mosque, with ablution facilities and prayer rooms provided in the police station. By implementing small changes, police chiefs are reaping the benefits of retaining their Muslim staff, who in turn feel vindicated for a career choice that some continue to question.
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“I feel like my organisation accepts me for who I am,” PC Amireddy says. Both officers also stress the importance of communicating freely with superiors. PC Ishaq, who is responsible for recruitment and Ramadan guidance for the his force, ensures that “conversation is required with line managers regularly”.
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Non-Muslim colleagues and senior officers have even offered to fast with them for a day in solidarity, albeit with the caveat that their Muslim colleagues make sure they go slow and drink water if needed.

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