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Ramadan work ethic: British Muslim police and doctors juggle fasting and emergencies

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British Muslim police and doctors Ramadan work ethic

British Muslim police and doctors Ramadan work ethic

“It’s been perceived really positively and we’re having an iftar together in a police station, inviting colleagues, people in town and from different mosques to join us. But it’s not about food, it’s about cleansing your soul,” says PC Amireddy. “You’re making yourself a better person and you want to better your life in this world and the hereafter. And getting rid of habits you’ve developed in the past 11 months.”
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For PC Rahouf, the letters from the word “fasting” signify seven aims: fasting, acceptance, self-control, truth, integrity, nourishment and grace.
Police Constable Irfan Ishaq shares brekas his fast with colleagues in the Hertfordshire Police. 
Police forces in Britain, once viewed with deep mistrust by minority communities, have changed rapidly over the past two decades to better reflect British society – and not just in London.
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While 37 per cent of British Muslims live and work in London, smaller communities can be found in port cities such as Cardiff and Liverpool, and former manufacturing hubs around Manchester and Birmingham.

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