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Ramadan work ethic: British Muslim police and doctors juggle fasting and emergencies

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British Muslim police and doctors Ramadan work ethic

British Muslim police and doctors Ramadan work ethic

But reflecting the presence of British Muslims in largely white British areas, where mosques are not always conveniently near, is all the more important. In North Yorkshire, PC Amireddy serves a mainly middle-class population with a large farming community. She says Muslim police officers can act as a bridge between communities.
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“We discuss the importance of going to the mosque with our managers, even if it’s just for 45 minutes. And it’s not just prayer, but engaging with the [Muslim] community in that time to break barriers,” she says. In Hertfordshire, PC Ishaq’s goal is to use religious spaces as a sanctuary to report crimes.
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“My vision is to make every mosque in Hertfordshire a third-party reporting centre, so those that attend that mosque can report hate crimes or hate incidents and not have to go to the police station. They can also take down a report in that person’s language to create that emotion and capture the emotion of the crime,” he says.

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