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Ramadan work ethic: British Muslim police and doctors juggle fasting and emergencies

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British Muslim police and doctors Ramadan work ethic

British Muslim police and doctors Ramadan work ethic

Dentist Rebecca Musabbir sees up to 35 patients a day at her Essex-based surgery. She says the main challenge is maintaining concentration, whether treating emergencies or performing cosmetic procedures, and talking to patients throughout the day. “The job is mentally challenging and this is more difficult during fasting,” she told The National. Despite the challenges, Dr Shahid advocates fasting as a reset button that has health benefits.
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“I do find myself actually concentrating better even though I’m tired. There’s evidence that concentration improves when you’re fasting. The rewarding aspect I find is that you’re in a constant state of being alert and aware of what you’re doing. I try and bring that to my work,” she says.
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“You become a better person and a better doctor. That translates to the patients and in your personal relationships.”

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