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UAE leaders congratulate Narendra Modi on India election win

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UAE leaders congratulate Narendra Modi

UAE leaders congratulate Narendra Modi

“I was pleased to talk to my dear friend Narendra Modi, India’s PM, over the phone to congratulate him on his party’s election win,” Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed wrote on Twitter. “We look forward to working together to deepen our strong bilateral ties. The UAE wishes India & its friendly people more development & prosperity.”
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Despite heightened tensions between the two countries, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was quick to congratulate the Indian leader after Mr Modi declared victory on Thursday. China’s President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump were among the other world leaders to congratulate Mr Modi, with Mr Trump describing his victory as “BIG”.
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Indian residents in the UAE followed the election closely, with thousands travelling home to participate during the six-week voting period. In all, more than 600 million votes were cast during the marathon exercise in the world’s largest democracy.

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